Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Us

Thinking about making a visit?  Be sure to check out our Visit Us page and read through the frequently asked questions below!

Do you have a Display Garden at Walters Gardens that I can look through?

Yes. We have very extensive perennial display gardens with over 800 different varieties planted. Each specimen is appropriately labeled with its Botanical name. 

You are welcome to come and visit our display gardens at any time — no appointment is needed. Be sure to bring your camera!

I would like to visit, should I call ahead?

Yes, please. It's best to call a few days ahead to ensure we have someone that can show you around. 1-888-925-8377

What is the best time of year to visit Walters Gardens?

It depends on what you would like to see. For our growing fields, the most colorful time of year is late summer when they are ablaze with blooms. For our display gardens, they look good all season long. Come in early summer to see the Delphiniums, Astilbes, and Clematis or in the fall to get a glimpse of our fantastic ornamental grasses in bloom.

We recommend taking a look at the dates of the Michigan Garden Plant Tour when planning your visit.  During the tour, we always have more going on including facility and field tours as well as guest speakers and grower panels!