Plant Labels

Labels are required for all Proven Winners® Perennials, Mad About Mangave® varieties, patented, and patent pending plants. The cost of the Proven Winners stake and stub labels is included in the Variety License Fee. Labels for non-patented and generic varieties are NOT automatically sent and should be ordered when you place your plant order.

Our standard policy is to ship one label for each plant shipped. However, for Asparagus, Strawberries, and Convallaria, we ship 25 labels for every 100 plants shipped. Labels are shipped 3-6 business days ahead of the plants. Any label orders received less than 10 business days prior to shipping will be billed at the Level 1 rate and charged an admin fee. Any labels shipped more than a week in advance by special request will be billed at the Level 1 rate and charged an admin fee.

Premium XL™ Labels

With such a wide variety of perennials available, informative color labels are essential for providing your customers with the details they need to make informed purchasing decisions. We offer Premium XL™ labels for all non-branded varieties.

Proven Winners® Labels

Proven Winners labels are required for all Proven Winners Perennials. The cost for these labels is included in the Variety License Fee. We offer a US (English/Spanish) version and Canadian (English/French) version for stake style labels. Premium square labels are trilingual (English/Spanish/French).

All varieties of Proven Winners Perennials come with the stake style label which measures 7¼” tall x 2¼” wide.

Proven Winners® 3x6" Hanging Labels

As an alternative to the stake style labels, we are now offering an optional hanging tag upgrade. This is a premium option that reflects a premium Proven Winners product. This tag is much more visible on the retail bench than the stake label and is less likely to get lost in the pot. It’s a great option for larger plants such as Hibiscus or Grasses. Hanging tags are 3” wide x 6” tall and the corresponding stakes are 10” tall. The stakes are automatically included with your tag order and are an additional 10 cents each. If you do not want to order stakes, please specify on your order.

Mad About Mangave® Labels

A special tag is required for all Mad About Mangave® varieties. We value our Mad About Mangave® line as a high value item at retail and believe it needs a tag to match that quality. The Mad About Mangave® tag is 3½” in diameter and comes with an accompanying 10” stake. The stake is automatically included in your tag order and is included in the price shown below. It is not possible to order the label without the stake.