Image Usage and Agreement

We hope that you have enjoyed the images on the Walters Gardens, Inc. website. The use of an image from this website is permissible if you are using it for your own promotional use or for media purposes provided that written credit is given for the image to the copyright holder. To use an image, please note the following:

  • Downloaded images must be published with the proper credit which is noted with each image on this website.
  • Downloading an image grants a limited, non-exclusive license to use an image, but does not grant ownership or proprietary rights in the image.
  • Downloaded images may not be transferred, given, sold, loaned, or sublicensed to any other party or person.
  • If an image is used on a website, its use must be restricted, meaning that it not be posted in a downloadable format.
  • An image may not be utilized in a manner which would reflect unfavorably on Walters Gardens, Inc.
  • All images on this website are the copyrighted property of Walters Gardens, Inc. and/or of its licensing agents. A violation of this agreement will result in the immediate and automatic termination of the license to use any images from Walters Gardens, Inc. The laws of the state of Michigan are applicable to the granting of this license. These terms may only be amended by the written agreement of Walters Gardens, Inc.

If you are unable to accept these terms and conditions, an image may not be downloaded or utilized.