Astilbe Younique™ Series


Astilbe Younique™ Series

Astilbe Younique Lilac

Astilbe Younique Lilac™ ('Verslilac' PP19847) pictured here.
Photo courtesy of Visions.


We are proud to offer a breakthrough series of Astilbes from Dutch hybridizer Jan Verschoor.  Compared to older cultivars, members of the Younique™ Series offer notable improvements that growers and gardeners alike will appreciate. 

Our growers have observed these new Younique™ Astilbes in our fields growing side by side with older cultivars and they were quite impressed with what they saw.  They noted increased disease resistance and a more compact, rounded habit on all of the members of this new series.  The flowers were also impressive, as they appeared to be more vibrant in color. Compared to other cultivars, members of this series produced double the amount of flower scapes on average, and the scapes were produced closer together in bunches rather than sparsely across the clump.

Verschoor has noted increased flower scapes produced in bunches, compact foliage, and a faster finishing time as the primary benefits that members of the Younique™ Series has to offer.  From our trials, we heartily agree!  If you haven't tried these new plants yet, they are surely worth a second look.  Click on the links below to see all the members of this new and improved series.

The Younique™ Series includes four colors:
Younique Carmine™ ('Verscarmine' PP20324)
Younique Lilac™ ('Verslilac' PP19847)--pictured above
Younique Silvery Pink™ ('Verssilverypink' PPAF)
Younique White™ ('Verswhite' PP19845)